Genomics Services

Turning data into knowledge

The proper analysis of genomic data is necessary to make the most of your experiments. Sequencing companies provide genomic analysis pipelines that are ‘one-size-fits-all’. While they will provide you with a hard drive full of data and some summary spreadsheets, they may not be optimized to meet the specific outcome measures you need. Genomics experiments are like any other experiment; analyzing and interpreting the data requires that bioinformaticians have a solid understanding of the biology that underlies the experiment, as well as the strengths and caveats of the methods used.

In addition to a careful experimental design, how specimens are collected and prepared can have a huge influence on the outcome of next-gen sequencing results. Our team has decades of combined experience in tissue collection and preparation across several model organisms. We can provide help at any stage of the experiment and help make the most of problematic data, such as RNAseq from human tissue samples that may have undergone some degradation.

Helpful interpretation

Meaningful results will always require some degree of custom interpretation and analysis. Our Ph.D. team will learn what the objectives of your experiment are in order to tailor the analysis to meet your needs. This could be an emphasis on a particular gene, tissue, time point, or epigenetic regulatory element that underlies the biology in question.

Our goal is to provide the best utility of your data by providing creative solutions to genomic analysis with the personal touch and low cost of a small team.

ScholarNexus brings a solid Ph.D. team with years of experience in

• Experimental design

• Specimen preparation

• Molecular biology and biochemistry

• Computer programming and bioinformatics

• Figure design and art work

• Presentation, manuscript, grant, and regulatory preparation